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Language Chronicle is a worldwide trusted company with a reliable service and with the motto of service guaranteed. We have a pool of highly qualified Chinese language Translator and Interpreter India who are always ready to render there service to you. All our Chinese translator and interpreter have a sector specific experience and always translate at the highest level.

Our pool of Chinese interpreter  India all boost years of experience and are highly versed in their specialized areas of expertise whether it be mechanical engineering, electrical or civil engineering, finance, legal, information technology, medical, shopping, sports, travel, network, etc.


All our Chinese Interpreter India are assigned to projects according to their expertise experience and client requirements and particular needs and their ability to handle customers.


For business around all over India, the Chinese market is becoming an increasingly attractive investment point for Indian Companies. And with that comes the need for highly accurate and culturally sensitive Chinese Interpreter and qualified and experienced consecutive and simultaneous Chinese Interpreter India.


At Language Chronicle, we have more than a decade’s worth of experience in providing high quality professional Chinese Interpreter Translator  India for a wide range of clients across a diverse variety of industries, including the legal, financial and media sector.


We also provide certified translation services for their personal documents, such as birth certificates, passports and academic degrees.


You can therefore rest assured that our network of a lot of professional Chinese Interpreter India and in house team of Chinese Interpreter India are on hand to help you with your Translation requirement. Every professional translator within our network is highly specialized within their sector and only translates into Chinese, ensuring that no nuances, expressions or marketing slogans ever get lost in translation.


The Language Chronicle specialize in handling large- scale and difficult technical translation projects, such as contracts, financial statements, patents, medical notes, clinical trials and website localization. We have built long- standing professional relationships with doctors, engineers, accounts and IT professionals, whose expertise we can draw on to help us to complete and deliver our projects successfully.


Chinese Interpreter are your one stop solution for all Chinese interpreting needs .We offer Chinese translator , specializing in both Cantonese and Mandarin, that can provide both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting and translating. Top-Class Chinese Interpreter when you use a Chinese Interpreter you use the best. Our entire Chinese Interpreters are qualified and experience professionals with years of experience under their belts.

They Interpret both from English > Chinese and Chinese > English and can work within a number of fields such as Commercial, legal, financial, technical and academic. For every assignment we are given, the most appropriate Chinese Interpreter is always used to ensure customer satisfaction. Reliable Chinese Interpreter. Our Chinese translator are available for business meeting, negotiation, conferences, market research and machine installation. Please contact for Chinese Interpreter.