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Language Chronicle :- Language Chronicle is a company who provide Chinese Language Educational course to students at all proficiency level. Language Chronicle programs are designed to provide students with the necessary Chinese Language skills to get a successful career in Chinese Language related environment. All programs at Language Chronicle are comprehensive, meaning that students will learn to express as well as read write and be totally fluent in Chinese Language while also gaining essential cultural understanding. To become accompanied and well versed in Chinese Language for a bright career as Chinese interpreter, Chinese Translator or Chinese Language expert.

We at Language Chronicle have special kind of classes for beginners by our well qualified and experienced Chinese Interpreter and Chinese Translators who will teach you all the qualities of verbal speaking and written form which will help you to increase your business or your company.

Because in this globalize world if you want to succeed you have to stop thinking local and start to think globally.


We also provide special classes for those interested students by our best Chinese Interpreter and Chinese Translator who will also help you and will act as your key for coming to the golden world of Chinese Interpreter and Chinese Translator.

In addition, to better help learners to know Chinese and Chinese culture, we will always be there for your help.


Language skills are like sport skills where in early starters are at an advantage. Therefore it is advisable to make an early beginning as love for Chinese Language can not be developed it has to be felt from within.


We know that learning and practicing is linked together. One can’t reach the goal of learning without practicing, so at the back of each unit we have put together some exercises, emphasizing on listening and speaking to assist learners in mastering what they have learned through practice.


Language Chronicle thinks everyone has his/her own way of learning. As the saying goes, “Every major road leads to Rome”. We believe that as long as one tries hard, one can learn Chinese well no matter which ways and methods they adopt. We sincere hope this will be of some help in raising your real ability of speaking in Chinese.

We often say” Reading enriches the mind” to encourage people to read widely. Today, we use this phrase to invite you world of Chinese Language at Language Chronicle.